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I’m not convinced this is actually a movie. It feels like a parody of a romantic comedy trailer. These few minutes made me laugh but despite so many of my favourite actors being present I’m struggling to see how this could be funny over 90 minutes.   But to complete it here’s the obligatory happy frolic.

Okay so it looks like Disney ripping off the concept of Wicked but man Angelina Jolie (an actor of whom I’m NOT usually fond) really looks to bring it. I’m curious. Apparently Jolie also insisted upon the canonical ‘horns’ despite the studio execs being concerned they would diminish the star’s attractiveness and pulling power. Good for her.

I normally HATE anachronistic moments in movies but perhaps I can suspend that rule for this comedy. Because it looks bloody funny. I’m already laughing.

I’m going to file this under WTF… though it doesn’t look as bad as I first thought it would. We shall see.    

Are we  running out of movie ideas?  Most definitely not… according to the creators of Zombeavers. I don’t think I can say much more about this.  The trailer kind of speaks for itself.

Mick Taylor is back!  He’s brutal, maniacal and crazy… and is ready to scare away any tourist who dares to visit our Australian outback.  Will Wolf Creek 2 be just as good as the first?

Wow. I haven’t been this excited about a super hero movie in… well a loooong time.

The new Transformers trailer HOT OFF THE PRESS direct from the Super Bowl trailer! Exciting stuff. And shiny.

Angelina Jolie as the evil Maleficent?  Perfect.  Magnificent even.  This new sneak peek trailer is bound to make anyone excited for the release of this revamped classic fairy tale.  Lana Del Ray accompanies the eeriness with her re-imagined cover of the tune “Once Upon a Dream”.  The extra touch of the Maleficent’s dark castle behind the Disney logo is clever as well.  Let’s hope the movie will live up to […]

Imagine a boxing movie about Rocky vs Raging Bull. Then watch this trailer. I’m unconvinced but seeing the preview screening shortly so watch this space for a review shortly.

This should be fascinating. Both the story and what they choose to focus on.

Saw this in the states recently. Good stuff!

I LOVED the first movie. It was a delightful story and so beautifully made and one of the very few movies I believe work in 3D. So I’m a bit excited about the sequel. It’s interesting that it seems a little more grown up than the original but perhaps it’s aging with its audience. Either way I’m looking forward to it.

Not characters I have any affinity to but the trailer looks fun and interesting. And I do love time travel… Okay, now I’ve put it on my To Watch list.

I love horror movies but, to be honest, the last decade or so has been reasonably devoid of decent horror flicks. Then along came Paranormal Activity which reminded filmmakers that scary movies are more about suspense than gore, blood and detailed monsters. Love them. So here are some clips of the upcoming latest PA movie.

And the Oscar goes to… Well no one just yet but the nominations are out and being the hardcore film buffs we are,SuperQuickReviews  stayed up til the wee hours of the morning for the announcement. Seriously, we did. Check the time stamp if you don’t believe us! Below are the 2014 nominees. Who’s your pick? Will Jennifer Lawrence win her second Oscar? Will Meryl’s 18th nod be the lucky one? […]

I hated the first Amazing Spiderman and after watching this trailer I’m already concerned for the newly rebooted franchise. Seriously? Multiple villians has hardly ever worked, the Richard Parker storyline already looks forced and while it looks big on action and fx it rolls out cliched dialogue hinting at a lack of depth. To me it looks like quantity over quality. But decide for yourself:

Ron Burgundy is everywhere at the moment! In cinemas telling us to turn off our phones, hosting TV shows (even here in Australia) and even commenting on the Doctor Who buzz in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary special. What could be better? Well, the movie itself but until then be teased some more with the latest trailer:


Okay, this looks fascinating. It’s on my ‘to-watch’ list for sure.  

We’re SO excited about the next animated Disney movie! We cannot wait. What do you mean you don’t know anything about it? Watch this now!

One of my all-time favourite novels finally makes it to the big screen. I’m so excited I’m not sure I want to watch the trailer. (but in case you do, here it is)

Well this is gut-wrenching. The legend of the 47 ronin is one of my favourite Asian stories (behind only the Monkey king and the journey west) and this looks so beautiful aesthetically. BUT Keanu?!? Now I’m not hating for hating sake. I’m not complaining it’s Keanu (though that’s far from ideal) – I just don’t know why there’s a white guy there at all. Seriously. It could be David tennant […]

Cuteness overload? Well actually this looks like it’s got a bit of an edge.  

Starting where other romantic comedies finish, I GIVE IT A YEAR stars Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall as Nat and Josh, a mismatched couple navigating their first year of marriage. Their wedding is a dream come true, but family and friends think it won’t last. When Josh’s ex-girlfriend Chloe (Anna Faris) and Nat’s handsome new client Guy (Simon Baker) come into the picture, the situation gets a little more complicated. Neither wants to […]

South East Queensland Birch Carroll & Coyle and Event Cinemas are gearing up to enthral and entertain little princesses and princes at the Disney Princess Animation Festival with only one week to go until showtime! Kicking off with Aladdin next Saturday and Sunday, families can relive the enchanting stories of their favourite Disney Princesses this February & March at the exclusive Disney Princess Animation Festival. The beloved Disney Princess films […]

The final Twilight film is out, and everyone is happy. The fans get the final chapter, and people like me get the knowledge that there won’t be any more. Sorry, but I got 10 minutes into the first film and had to walk out. The pouting, the angst, the pouting. I had my share of teen movies when I was a teenager. Which made me think – every generation has […]

Hollywood loves rehashing successful franchises to generate more cash. Charlie’s Angels, Transformers, and the Bourne series are just some of the TV shows, toys or books that have recently been rehashed. Television shows in particular have been getting a good run recently: Star Trek was spectacularly rebooted with a new cast and new parallel universe (nice touch); Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series doesn’t seem to want to end; and the […]

UNIVERSAL PICTURES AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCE FILMING OF THE NEW ARENA PRODUCTION OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR  IN AUSTRALIAN CINEMAS FROM NOVEMBER 8 Following a triumphant opening weekend at London’s 02 Arena, Universal Pictures Australia is delighted to announce that the 21st century re-invention of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” will be filmed and shown in selected cinemas worldwide, including Australian screens from November 8, 2012 for […]

There’s no doubt that I talk a lot. And the only time I’m ever quiet is when I sit down to watch a movie. Even then however, I somehow become the annoying impersonator – the one who mimics the actors playing on screen, trying to do as they do, be as they are. Let’s face it, you know my type. You feed my type popcorn, because it will get you […]

Anthony Sherratt takes a look at some of the best sporting flicks of all time and shares his top 20. We actually think he was just looking for an excuse to re-watch a bunch of movies. Sporting movies: the films that make us cheer, mentally relive our youths and go outside for a throw/hit of the ball. They’re usually about aspirations and overcoming obstacles to win the championships and are mightily […]

Welcome to Superquickreviews – your one-stop shop for the latest movie reviews and, best of all, it’s quick, easy and even fun. No more trawling through paragraphs and paragraphs of waffle. Here we cut to the chase and let you know if it’s good, bad or indifferent. You can do it a glance with our colour coding system (check out the definitions here) or click on the poster where you’ll […]

Anthony Sherratt has a problem with the modern marketing of movies today. Have we lost the art of making a quality trailer? What is wrong with people making movie trailers nowadays? They appear to have lost sight of the fact that their job is to entice people to the screening of that film. Instead of teasing us or piquing our interest, the trailers of the past few years seem intent […]