The concise critics

We’re currently considering going to a score out of 10 or even 100 but for the time being we’re utilising a simple colour system for you. What do they mean? Well because movies are diverse the rating could mean a number of things but here’s our rough line of thinking:

Don't bother
Don’t bother – this is a waste of not only your money but your time as well.

Not very good at all
Not good. Less than average. Unacceptable. Full of problems. Annoying and/or frustrating.

It's okay
Meh. It’s a movie. It’s okay without reaching any great heights.

Good movie. Maybe even very good.
Light green:
Very good. Entertaining. Clever. Fun. Better than average. Worth spending money on.

Awesome! Stop reading and go see it.
Bright green:
Go see this movie now! Enthralling. Pre-order the DVD now too.