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I, Frankenstein

Year : 2014 Director : Stuart Beattie Running Time : 92 minutes Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
I, Frankenstein picks up where the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux left off, after Franky’s creator Victor is killed. The Gargoyle queen finds him, the demons are after him and all Franky wants to do is defend himself from the woes of modern day.

What did we think?
Adam says: I suppose the film should get some points for shooting in Australia and for director-writer Stuart Beattie putting up with 11 (that’s right, ELEVEN) producers. Had it not have been for the illusion of high production values and the fact that it will be popular amongst vampy teenagers looking for their next hit of comic book gore, this movie might have brought about the second death of ol’ Frankenstein. Not even the steamy “don’t worry I’ll stitch the monster up after battle” scene with  Franky and blonde bombshell Terra (Yvonne Strahovski) can save the gargoyles, special effects and bad boy Bill Nighy’s excruciatingly awkward one liners. Franky needs a stein of lager, I think, and a good lie down.

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