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12 Strong

Year : 2018 Director : Nicolai Fuglsig Running Time : 2h 11m Genre : , , ,
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What’s it about?
This true story describes the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks in America where an elite team of 12 American soldiers were sent into Afghanistan to bring American wrath to the anti-American Taliban. America!

What we thought
Dan says: If this were a work of fiction it would be scorned for being two dimensional and predictable. The good guys ride in like white knights, the bad guys are all in black and faceless – perfect for a good bullet to the face. The main villain looks a bit like Jaffar from Aladdin sans parrot.

True stories of war succeed when they cast light on the subtitles of both sides. This story is stripped of all its nuance and packaged up to be perfect wank fodder for the audience members who really hate terrorists (I guess that’s most people). It does leave me feeling unsettled to know that I’m being manipulated into feeling delight when a person’s head explodes.

Nice visuals, occasionally muddy sound and good performances especially from Trevante Rhodes and Michael Shannon.

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