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A Monster Calls

Year : 2017 Director : J.A. Bayona Running Time : 1 hr 48 mins Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
A troubled young boy (Lewis MacDougall) is visited by a storytelling monster (Liam Neeson). Emotional growth ensues.

What did we think?
Amy Currie says: At first glance, this tale featuring an enchanted tree, a stern grandmother and fantastical revenge on a schoolyard bully seems a Dahl-esque children’s story. However, in an interesting twist on the genre, A Monster Calls takes place in the real world of divorce, chemotherapy and lawsuits, where good and evil aren’t clear-cut and endings are often imperfect. It’s not a subtle film, but the performances are decent, the animation in the storytelling sequences is gorgeous and the ending will make you cry.

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