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A Royal Affair

Year : 2012 Director : Nikolaj Arcel Running Time : 137 minutes Genre : ,
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What’s it about?

After being married to the slightly off-kilter King of Denmark, the Queen finds solace in her relationship (and subsequent romance) with the royal physician. Their enlightened ideals create swift policy change and bring about a revolution in Danish political history, until their affair is discovered and severe consequences result.

What did we think?

Not quite the bodice-ripping, passionate tale that its title might suggest, the film does manage to effectively convey the historical implications of the events in the film. It adheres a bit too strictly to period-piece conventions and doesn’t do much to invest reason to care about the relationship between the lovers. Historical accuracy is given priority over the romantic swoon factor, which makes everything feel somewhat dry. Only Mikkel Folsgaard as the mad King injects a bit of humour and liveliness into the proceedings.

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    Shakespearean style?

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