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All Eyez on Me

Year : 2017 Director : Benny Boom Running Time : 2hrs 20mins Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
The story of successful nineties gangster rapper Tupac Shakur before he became a hologram.

What did we think?
Dan Beeston says:
The tale told here is so one-sided it feels like the other two sections of the Rashomon went missing. Tupac is portrayed as a cultural leader for whom butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, and then justifying his abuse of the trappings of his success. Like that one kid who’d plead “I was hanging out with the bad kids sure, but I’ve never done anything bad myself”.

There’s a lot of information and swearing to get through. Tonally it often feels cartoonish. You could almost cast Samuel L. Jackson in every single part and it would only make it slightly more comical. But the viewers job isn’t to cast judgement. It’s to delight in the tale of this version of Tupac. To revel in his heroism. Add an extra star if you’re West Coast 4 EVR.

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