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All The Money In The World

Year : 2017 Director : Ridley Scott Running Time : 2 hours 12 minutes Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
Despite having “all the money in the world”, JP Getty (Kevin Spacey Christopher Plummer) refuses to pay a ransom when his grandson is kidnapped.

What did we think?
Elizabeth Best says: When editing someone out of a film and still insisting you can stick to your release date, you better make damn sure you do a good job of it. And what a job director Ridley Scott, Plummer and the cast have done, rallying to erase Spacey post #MeToo scandal. Plummer’s performance, shot in just 10 days, is masterful (and with a much larger part than I assumed). Controversy aside, Scott has created a film that remains gripping, even if you know the history behind this “based on true events” tale. I dare you to try and stop yourself muttering “you motherf–ker” every time the penny-pinching Getty sinks lower than you think he could possibly ever go.

Replacing Spacey was the best decision Scott ever made, as having someone with compromised moral character play this asshole would have been film-killing.

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