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Amazing Spider-Man 2

Year : 2014 Director : Marc Webb Running Time : too long Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
Spider-Man. Webs. Special Effects. Fighting. Villians. Part 2 (of the reboot).

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: This sequel is an odd movie in that for every pro there’s a con.

It features a very average plot and awkward dialogue (seriously, think George Lucas Phantom Menace level of poor dialogue) but it is punctuated with some incredible action sequences. One framed shot in particular had me exclaiming out loud.

This time around Garfield gives us an angsty and partly stupid Peter Parker which once again grated, but Emma Stone and Sally Field excelled despite the quality of the script.

The decision to add new aspects to the origin story felt completely unnecessary and, if anything, reduced the impact of the iconic Uncle Ben (not to mention stretching the very limits of credibility). And these additions tended to add to the odd pacing without benefiting the plot in an way at all.

It’s better than the first one (though that’s not necessarily saying much) but I can at least say I had some fun this time around. Not enough to see it a second time mind you but it gets a pass mark.

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  1. Marv says:

    It was crap. Made me long for Raimi’s Spider-Man even with Toby McGuire. I preferred the Spider-Man 3 rubbish to this

  2. Special effects do not a good movie make. Where’s the emotional connection with the characters?

    Scraping into 3 stars. Shame really. Some good actors and great plot ideas.

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