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Year : 2012 Director : Leslye Headland Running Time : 87 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
Three skinny cows, resentful that their fat friend is getting married before them, make fun of her behind her back and then have to fix it when stuff goes predictably pear shaped.

What did we think?
Liz says: Apart from a few (very few) amusing one liners, this film totally squanders its usually hilarious cast (Lizzie Caplan, Isla Fisher and Adam Scott, I am looking at YOU). The leads are so unlikeable and mean-spirited that I didn’t give a damn what happened to any of them. This film should have been called Bitchelorette.

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  1. Neil R. Waite says:

    See, I quite liked the bitchiness and irredeemable behaviour of the leads. It was only when the film went soft at the end and tried to make them slightly decent human beings that it completely turned me off. An extreme disappointment, especially when it’s trying to be presented as another ‘Bridesmaids’.

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