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Beauty And The Beast

Year : 2017 Director : Bill Condon Running Time : 2hrs 10mins Genre : , , ,
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What’s it about?
Really? We’re really going there? Fine. In a shocking twist, Beauty And The Beast Redux is actually a big-screen offshoot of Marvel’s Legion: a fever dream where David places himself in yet another musical hostage situation. But will Stockholm syndrome work for or against this powerful mutant?*

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: an epic revitalisation of the golden Hollywood musical, replete with a dastardly villain, breathtaking choreographed-from-above dance numbers, and a happy ending for all. There are winks and nods aplenty within this utterly adorable Best Picture Oscar winner for 2018 (without Silence of the Lambs it’ll be a shoe-in).

*1 It’s your fault. You asked. What a stupid question “what’s Beauty and the Beast” about. Idiot.

*2 If you haven’t watched Legion yet, get thee to FX immediately.

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