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Year : 2012 Director : Mark Andrews Running Time : 100 Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Can she undo a beastly curse?

What did we think?
For a movie featuring archery, it’s ironic that Brave doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s a little predictable and oddly two-dimensional – very strange for a PIXAR offering. The characters are rich, the scenery is stunning but the story just lacks depth and any lasting connection.

I’m not sure whether it’s because the movie has had so many problems with re-writes and re-workings or Disney interfered to make it a ‘safe’ movie, but Brave is a solid movie without the usual PIXAR magic.

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  1. Andrew Danyals says:

    Basically it’s an easy movie to like but I think it will be a hard movie to love.

  2. Louise Bolland says:

    Although perhaps lacking in plot, the underlying themes of the film are arguably important to the young target audience. The story features a Disney heroin who, for the first time, does not base her decisions on love and does not choose a partner in the end. For a young society increasingly obsessed with the idea of relationships, the fact that Brave placed emphasis on a young girl making decisions for herself is a pleasant contrast from the usual Disney storyline.

  3. Sally Elliott says:

    Brave satisfies its basic requirements as a family movie and fulfills its promises of beautiful animation and light-heartedness. The heroine, Merida, is an archetypal representation of scrappy tomboy-ish youngster who is unique in her desire NOT to be a Princess. Despite this unimaginitive character profile, the film is entertaining for children and adults. The Celtic setting and culture was refreshing and provided a unique storyline with a range of kilt-related jokes.

  4. RbEss says:

    The impression I got of Brave when watching was that there was a part of the story that was missing, that there was another story going on that we weren`t entirely seeing.
    I wonder whats been removed?

    • I understand there were quite a number of revisions prompted from the upper echelons of management which is why there was such a delay in production. It probably also explains the feeling of being somewhat disjointed – an impression I shared.

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