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Year : 2015 Director : Kenneth Branagh Running Time : 113 minutes Genre : , , ,
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What’s it about? 
Disney raids its back catalogue to gives one of its most iconic tales a coat of live-action paint.

What did we think? 
Amy Currie says: Director Kenneth Branagh’s take on Cinderella doesn’t stray too far from the source material, but plumps the story up enough to be interesting. It’s a beautiful chocolate box of a film that gives its familiar characters a bit more depth (but manages to resist the urge to update by simply cutting-and-pasting modern sass onto fairytale staples). Helena Bonham-Carter’s fairy godmother is a delight, but Cate Blanchett’s wicked stepmother steals the show. Oh, and the Prince (Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden) wears some very, very tight breeches which can only be described as enchanting. See it before the clock strikes 12.

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  1. Andrew Danyals says:

    I can’t say I noticed the tight breeches but I loved it nonetheless.

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