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Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years

Year : 2016 Director : Ron Howard Running Time : 2 hours 18 mins Genre : ,
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Elizabeth Best & Ben Bissett say: Four boys. Four years. That’s all it took to take the Beatles from the grimy basements of Liverpool to the centre of a claustrophobic global touring hurricane. This was the birth of teenagers losing their shit in epic proportions over the cult of celebrity, and the most revelatory moments are the screamed, sobbing reactions to the barely-out-of-their-teens-themselves Fab Four. The heady rush of the first tours quickly turn to jaded dissatisfaction: by the mid-’60s the mop-tops had become caged animals in the circus, and their final tour gig ends with them carted away in a literal meat locker. Beatles for sale, indeed. Cinema-goers (and only cinema-goers, we’re told) are treated to the previously unscreened ‘65 Shea Stadium concert after the credits, yet this film merely skirts the Beatles lore and footage available in the Anthology series. But then, that damn thing lasted nearly 12 hours. In limited cinemas, one week only.

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