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End of Watch

Year : 2012 Director : David Ayer Running Time : 108 mins Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Pena) are two LA police officers and long-time friends who go all Riggs and Murtaugh on a Mexican drug cartel and end up with a price on their heads.

What did we think?
Mitch says: Look, I guess this movie has its positives, especially if you’re already a fan of cop films. But their big thing at the start is how this is all footage shot by the cops themselves, and then it’s like the director just straight-up forgot that’s what they were doing, or maybe he just thought it was too hard to maintain. Handheld/’found’ footage is a slippery beast at the best of times, but establishing it as the crux of your storytelling method then just periodically abandoning it seems kind of insane, really.

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