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Year : 2013 Director : Robert Zemeckis Running Time : 1hr 38mins Genre :
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What’s It About?
Only one man could have saved the passengers of Flight 227, and the survivors are grateful that Captain “Whip” Whitaker is on board when their plane suffers catastrophic equipment failure. The problem is, Whip is an alcoholic with a penchant for cocaine, and before he gets into the cabin, he’s higher than the plane will ever get.

What Did We Think?
Stephen Scott says: Flight asks a simple question: how do you measure a man”s worth? By his deeds or by his honesty?

It’s a tumultuous journey that just happens to include a plane ride that will give your sphincter its exercise for the day. Flight is more a parable about being true to yourself than air crash investigations. Thankfully, Denzel Washington’s nuanced performance of a man in a terminal downward spiral is entrancing. Without his strong performance, Flight could easily have gone straight to video.

The music, while outstanding (The Rolling Stones & R&B classics), is used a little heavy handedly. But the direction, effects & supporting actors are high quality. A good movie, but not a great one.

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