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Goodbye Christopher Robin

Year : 2017 Director : Simon Curtis Running Time : 1hrs 47mins Genre : , , ,
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What’s it about?
Returning from The Great War, Blue (AA Milne) finds it hard to readjust to ‘proper’ society and moves his family to the country where he plans to write a protest book against war. When his wife flees back to the social lifestyle of the city and their nanny abandons him, a bonding with his son Billie (Christopher Robin) changes not only his objectives, but his perspective.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: like a swan, there’s a deceptive volume of activity in Goodbye Christopher Robin: aside from the obvious origins of the classic stories on the surface, there are reflections on the brutality and futility of war, the loss of self brought on by fame, the impersonal relationships caused by the rigid class society of early 20th century Britain, and the brutal consequences that PTSD and post-natal depression have on families.

Like a swan, all of these subplots weave together seamlessly into a charming, heartfelt narrative that paints a picture of a family trying to find the happiness they gifted to the world.

Charming, beautiful and heartbreaking.

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