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Jack Reacher

Year : 2012 Director : Christopher McQuarrie Running Time : 130 Genre :
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What’s it about?
Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher. A calm yet intense individualist reminiscent of Ethan Hunt, John Anderton, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and, let’s face it, Tom Cruise (pre-couch).

Jack casually struts and punches his way through what begins as a suspenseful procedural thriller. At some point a clerical error appears to have shuffled in every other film genre available. Jack is emotionally unaffected as he travels through Bond style action, Arnie one liners, Whedonesque banter, torture-porn and stooges slapstick before finally settling on eighties style buddy cop to round out the evening.

What did we think?
Dan says: Cruise manages to hold this shamozzle together like an affable tour host on a poorly written theme park ride. His dedication to ticking off the cliches no matter what aisle of the video store they come from is admirable.

Ultimately this adds up to a fun romp but try not to think about it too much on the drive home or you’ll just get frustrated.

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