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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Year : 2017 Director : Guy Ritchie Running Time : 2hrs 6mins Genre : , , ,
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What’s it all about then? From the beginnin’. Well, there’s this roguish lad see, an’ ‘e an’ his mates are plannin’ a heist …
‘Old on, ‘old on. Yer sure nothin’ ‘appened before the beginnin’? Aw yeah, that’s right. Ye see (flashback) the kid’s not the bastard son of a prostitute, but actually heir to ye olde Englaland’s throne.
That’s more like it my son. Go on … There’s this magical scimitar an’ rooftop parkour an’ a kind-but-fair oriental fight instructor, y’know, everything you’d expect in 6th century Londinium …

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: in a gloriously raucous post-Roman-occupied Britanniae, trouble is brewing in a cockney lad’s-own adventure that’s bleedingly obviously directed by Guy Ritchie without having all the promos blaring it at a million decibels. Fast, romance-free, with a (fantastic) soundtrack that makes you go “yeah – that’s what action movie music must’ve sounded like in 629AD”, it’s Lock Stock and One Smoking Excalibur. Exactly what you expect.

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