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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Year : 2015 Director : Matthew Vaughn Running Time : 129 minutes Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
Colin Firth is Harry Hart. A super spy from an elite, covert team of self-funded do gooders. He offers an opportunity to a street wise youth to become a better person… who also kills bad guys.

What we thought
Dan says: If the kids from Grange Hill were being trained to kill, and one of their lecturers was Roger Moore you have something that wasn’t Kingsman exactly, but was advertised in the same comic books on the page with X-ray specs and the “fart noise” device.

This is a camp action adventure that glorifies comic book action and violence. It has a great cast of people who look like they’re having a blast. Cinematography, performances and visual effects are all very playful. Best action/comedy since True Lies.

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  1. James Bond meets Hogwarts with The-Raid-level fight scenes and an irreverent air. I adored it!

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