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Let’s Be Cops

Year : 2014 Director : Luke Greenfield Running Time : 109 Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
Two friends dress up as policeman and get carried away when they get mistaken for the real thing.

What did we think?
What do you get when you have a cop movie without cops? This.  With a simple premise, Let’s Be Cops is really a one-joke wonder trading off the popularity of TV’s New Girl. And for fans of the show that’s probably gong to be enough. Nick and Coach…. er… I mean Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans are likable (and rather similar to their small screen characters) but there’s just not enough in the script for anyone.

For non-New Girl fans, the first half of the movie is sort of okay but it just runs out of direction and laughs. After awhile it feels like you’re the one doing time. Don’t do the crime kids.

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