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Logan Lucky

Year : 2017 Director : Steven Soderbergh Running Time : 1 hr 59 mins Genre :
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What’s it about?
Down-on-their-luck siblings join forces with bomb-addict siblings for a heist that will become legendary: the home of NASCAR.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: Logan Lucky (3¾★) wins the heist battle of 2017 over Baby Driver (3½★) thanks to a stronger storyline and beguiling characters – interestingly both films use the transition of musical styles to further tension, in this case from country to bluegrass. Soderbergh cleverly mirrors the same story of a fight-against-the-odds for redemption across three encampments without you realising by using sleight of hand, country music, a couple of clever twists, and some good laughs.

BEWARE: the odds are high you’ll end up singing a John Denver classic. Yep. That one.

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