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Man Of Steel

Year : 2013 Director : Zack Snyder Running Time : 143 Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
Henry Cavill plays Superman. He searches for meaning. He fights General Zod.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: F*** you Snyder.

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  1. For the first 15 minutes I thought I’d wandered into the new Star Wars movie.
    Man Of Steel has both a poor plot and a lack of respect for the core of the character. It fails in nearly every aspect it sets out to achieve except for one: making money. As an avid Superman fan that would normally make me happy as it means a sequel. But I would rather sit through a decade without a Superman movie than watch a similarly styled second film.
    On the positive side of things Cavill is a great Superman, the casting is great (Costner was very good) and the fight scenes and fx are impressive. In fact the last hour or so is full-on action, but at the end of the day it still lacks a good story and characterisation. And logic or timing.
    It’s actually a good superhero movie but it’s not a Superman film.

  2. I finally got to see this, and couldn’t disagree more. I’m not a Superman comic book reader, I just like good films, and this is a good film.

    What made Man of Steel work for me is the villain: I empathised with Zod. Yes, he’s a psychopathic maniac, but he’s doing it for a good reason.

    Plus it ticks all the comic book movie boxes: It’s action packed, it has plot holes that are big enough for semi-trailers to drive through, and it’s fun fun fun. 4 Stars!

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