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Year : 2016 Director : Ron Clements, Don Hall, John Musker, Chris Williams Running Time : 103 minutes Genre : , , , ,
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What’s it about?
A Polynesian princess yearns for the open sea and when her island begins to die she embraces the opportunity to seek out the help of the demigod Maui and insist that he return the heart of the world.

What we thought
Dan says:
The stories of ancient tribal cultures tend to get lost in the flash and glitz of 21st century storytelling but Disney have a lot of skill redrafting ‘olde tales’. Moana is exceptional cinema. Lavish scenes, vibrant heartfelt characters and joyous songs combine in that Disney style to share the tales of another whole new world.

Like all of the Disney products there is a sprinkling of shoehorned emotional moments that could have hit the cutting room floor but in total it’s entirely satisfying. I’m still humming the songs and counting down the days until it opens and I can see it again.

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