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Mr Turner

Year : 2014 Director : Mike Leigh Running Time : 150 minutes Genre :
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What is it about?
This is the story of William Turner, renowned but uncouth 19th century English landscape artist, starting at his middle ages.

What do we think?
Alistair Crawford says: If you are after a warts and all authentic period piece, where a genius but almost charmless master-painter, grunts, gropes and spits his way through the drudgery of 19th century life, then this is your movie. A few comical scenes involving self-important art critics, strange brothel experiences, newfangled photography and altercations with other illustrious artists of the time lighten the mood a little. But for the most part, this is about the hard and pedestrian life of the artist and those around him. In contrast, the only true beauty in this movie shines from his paintings, and the picturesque landscapes he occasionally wanders. If you value art history or long contemplative historical dramas, see this. Otherwise maybe not.

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