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Pitch Perfect 2

Year : 2015 Director : Elizabeth Banks Running Time : 115 Genre : ,
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What’s it about?
Our favourite plucky female a capella group is back! But are they looking to life after college or maintaining their now-established high standards? A suspension following a wardrobe malfunction may acca-lerate their fate…

What did we think?
Generally sequels develop the depth of characterisation but the follow-up to the delightful Pitch Perfect chooses to instead make the characters more two-dimensional. Oddly it works.What do we get? A dumbing down of Beca (the lovely Ana Kendrick) and Chloe (Brittany Snow). More Fat Amy and more Lilly (Hana Mae Lee’s kooky Korean). Political Incorrectness galore. More songs. A bigger (and better) riff-off. Over the top jokes that range from sly to outright sexist and racist. On paper it sounds a bad idea but in the cinema it was toe-tapping and almost non-stop LOLling. And I mean actually laughing out loud even as your mind is scolding you for laughing at the highly inappropriate one liners. With wonderful singing, genuine laughs and a savvy approach to directly appealing to its target demographic, PP2 will be met with acca-citement from the fanbase. As I left the preview screening dozens of teenage girls were already animatedely talking about plans to see it again when it is released later this week (May 7 in Australia).

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  1. Emma Friels says:

    I’m sooooo excited!!!!!!!!! How does it compare directly to the original??!?!

    • Hard to directly compare. This one isn’t as clever but you will laugh more. Having said that there is a lot of subtlety in the directing that some will overlook amidst the in-your-face unPC jokes. Like the fact that director Elizabeth Banks (who also plays one of the commentators in both films) makes her male commentator the target for all the outrageous sexist jokes. The demographic will eat it up. If you loved the first you’ll at least like this one too. Possibly love it as well.

  2. JenJen33 says:

    You left out that this was a predominatnly female movie frm producers to director.

    • Hard to fit everything in when your review is super quick Jen but there’s a bit of love for Elizabeth Banks’ directing in the reply to the above comment for you.

  3. Kris says:


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