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Year : 2016 Director : Lenny Abrahamson Running Time : 1hr 58mins Genre :
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What’s it about?
Based on Emma Donoghue’s best-selling book, this is the story of a Joseph Fritzl-style kidnapping, with a 24-year-old (Brie Larson) trapped inside a pervert’s shed with the five-year-old son she conceived with her captor. We learn about the world of Room through a child’s eyes, and follow them as they make to escape.
What did we think?
Angela Young says: Donoghue’s book is an absolute corker (should have won the Booker in my not so humble opinion) and, thanks to her scripting of the film, this is a corker too. Jacob Tremblay is a dream as the adorable Jack, whose bond with the only person in his whole world, Ma, is palpable. Ambitiously covering a period beyond the book, this beautifully understated film (minus any Hollywood hyperbole and dramatic bullshit) nails it. Take some tissues and enjoy the ride as Jack and his Ma encounter the real world, with all the confusion and heartbreak that entails.

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