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Runner Runner

Year : 2013 Director : Brad Furman Running Time : 91 minutes Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
An ethically shady young college boy gets the offer of a lifetime when he’s employed by a big shot casino owner. Richie (Justin Timberlake) soon discovers that in order to become the world’s biggest douchebag he must first learn from the master (Ben Affleck).

What did we think?
Dan says:  This film presents itself as a very clever mathematical thriller stirring memories of The Bank (2001) but every time there’s a clever bit they skip ahead to the bikini girls and the brooding ex-pop star. If you threw James Bond into this film it would be a great Bond Film but that’s because you’d be watching James Bond.

Timberlake puts in a solid performance but the pacing is slightly off and the romance unconvincing. Ben Affleck never manages to come across as villainous. He gives the impression that he’s about to wink at the camera and then run off and high five Kevin Smith.

You won’t be bored in the process of this film failing to make a lasting impact.

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