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Show Dogs

Year : 2018 Director : Raja Gosnell Running Time : 92 min Genre :
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What’s it about?
A loner police dog gets partnered with a goofy and impatient FBI officer to go undercover at a dog show in search of a stolen panda.

What we thought
Dan says: Show Dogs biggest claim to fame is a misguided subplot about the hero learning to be relaxed when his dog junk is physically checked for quality. This scene was removed in the international version for accidentally sending the wrong message to children about molestation.

Interfering with the auteur’s vision can have negative effects on the resulting product.

Thankfully, in this instance, the auteur appears to have spent so much of the film’s budget on coke that nothing makes any sense before the edited scene. The story is both simplistic and yet baffling at the same time. The effects are laughably nineties. There are more jokes about breeding than I’d expect in a kid’s film including one with Ru Paul that I can’t figure out whether it’s racist or transphobic.

I did chuckle twice at the pug.

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