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Year : 2015 Director : Paul Feig Running Time : 120 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a desk-bound CIA operative constantly in the ear of suave and in-the-field Bradley Fine (Jude Law). When he disappears, she gets in on the action to save the world from global disaster at the hands of a nasty Russian arms dealer.

What did we think?
Angela Young says: Let’s face it, McCarthy can do no wrong in comedy – especially when she’s permitted to swear outrageously. And there’s plenty here – it had me spitting out my drink on more than one occasion. F-bombs and even c-bombs rain down from above (some might say too many). Guffaw! The storyline’s the same American, crass crap, but it’s hilariously well done with superb one liner scattered throughout. Rose Byrne’s pretty good as a Russian bitch, and it’s fantastic to see loveable Brit Miranda Hart playing her typical endearing role. Allison Janney as the boss is a genius stroke of casting, too. Explosive laughs out loud virtually guaranteed.

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