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The Five-Year Engagement

Year : 2012 Director : Nicholas Stoller Running Time : 124 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
Violet (Emily Blunt) and Tom (Jason Segal) meet, fall in love and get engaged. But something always seems to come in between them and their big day.

What did we think?
It’s never a good sign when you find yourself thinking that a film feels long while you’re still watching it. However, a great beginning and great ending mostly make up for the pace problems in the middle. The chemistry between Blunt and Segel is a delight to watch and Alison Brie steals the show as Blunt’s hilarious sister (demonstrating a ‘so cute it’s ridiculous’ British accent in the process).

Despite the fact that the movie isn’t quite gross enough for Apatow fans and will be a little too silly for those expecting a straight-up rom-com, it’s still worth a watch, especially for Segal/Blunt fans.

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  1. Shayna91 says:

    Did you watch the same movie I did? I held on every word and there was no lull at all.

    Perhaps you were tired or hungover. I can’t think of another reason you would write such drivel in the face of a quality romantic comedy. Or is it just that you don’t appreciate the nuances of an intelligent film?

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