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The Gallows

Year : 2015 Director : Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing Running Time : 81 Genre :
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What’s it about?
Twenty years after a boy dies while performing in a high school play, a group of students reviving the play are terrorised by his malevolent ghost.

What did we think?
Dominic Barlow says: Behold yet another in the spate of tedious found-footage horror movies that Paranormal Activity unleashed. The usual problems are present – boring attempts at being scary, strained believability in the idea that someone would film it all – but we’re also given what might be the most loathsome main character in any film this year. Another found-footage chiller from this year, Unfriended, showed that vile protagonists are no obstacle to inventive film-making, but there’s no value like that to be found here.

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