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The Great Wall

Year : 2017 Director : Zhang Yimou Running Time : 2hrs Genre : , ,
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What’s it about?
European mercenaries make their way to the Orient in search of the super weapon ‘black powder’.  They discover a powerful army with just one purpose: defending the world against monsters. But are the true monsters… us?

No. It’s quite obviously the giant green lizard things.

What did we think?
Dan says: This is a film about ideas. The story is pretty average and the character motivations are thin on the ground. The film jumps from design idea to illustration idea and every time it’s dazzling. It’s a bit like flipping through the sketch book of that art geek from high school who would shyly tell you what she’d do if she had access to funding. Well someone got access to funding. They don’t know how to write dialogue but their visual story-telling is epic.

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