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The Monuments Men

Year : 2014 Director : George Clooney Running Time : 118 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
George Clooney and company go undercover to save art from Hitler. Based on a true story.

What did we think?
Scott Ford says: Even Clooney’s fabled charm can’t save this muddled dud of a movie. For a film about art there were surprisingly few artworks on display. Why they’re so valuable is never fleshed out, either. This could be subtlety if it weren’t for Clooney’s adolescent speeches about the importance of culture. Sorry George, but I sided with the infuriated military men: would you want to explain to a mother that her son died for a panting?

We are left with a group of beloved actors romping through an unfunny homage to classic WW2 movies. Watching The Monuments Men feels like watching your dad and his mates acting out their tired stories. You’ll nod, you’ll smile — you might even chuckle once or twice — but you’ll be relieved when it’s over.

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