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Total Recall

Year : 2012 Director : Len Wiseman Running Time : 118 mins Genre : ,
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What’s it about?

A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall – a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led – goes wrong and he finds himself on the run.


What did we think?

Cindy says: Even though I am a child of the 80’s, I cannot ‘recall’ the original film.  Probs lucky for me.  This film is an action-packed thrill ride blockbuster, and really only deserves one viewing, otherwise the gig is definitely up.

Colin Farrell erases any memory of a hammy Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jessica Biel is beautiful.  Full stop.  Director Mr Wiseman creates a visually stunning world, and employs his visually stunning wife.  Full stop.

If the idea of Blade Runner, The Bourne Identity and Robocop having a threesome is the kind of memory you desire, a trip to ‘Total Rekall’ should do the trick.

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  1. Stewart Cook says:

    I want to go on official SQR record as saying I disagree 1000% with every word of this review.

  2. Why they bothered even calling this a remake is beyond me. They took the very basic premise (man has fake memories implanted and you wonder whether the ensuing chaos is real or not) and changed everything else. Okay they threw in a two second look at the three-breasted prostitute too, but the rest is new. Sadly it’s not new in the good way.

    Riddled with errors of both continuity and logic and lacking any real empathy, the only real reason to see this movie is for Kate Beckinsale in tight panties. Even with her I’d only give it a 2/5. Actually she’s the reason it didn’t get 1/5.

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