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Year : 2014 Director : Kevin Smith Running Time : 102 minutes Genre : , , ,
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What’s it about?
A new media letch with a poorly calibrated moral compass gets abducted. He is to be the subject of experiments to see if his humanity can be stripped from him if he is surgically transformed into a walrus.

What did we think?
Dan Beeston says: I’ve never seen a film where a fifth of the audience walked out and two fifths stayed right through the credits. This film is nothing if not divisive. Kevin Smith creates an eclectic parody of a horror film. It’s never scary but is appreciatively grotesque.

Justin Long is denied lines of dialogue as his character transforms – it’s probably a good thing as his character is neither likeable nor charismatically detestable. The Québécois detective is boring and pales in comparision to Michael Parks’ stellar performance.

Smith has re-embraced his independent beginnings and I’m glad this film exists but I think that he also needs a slightly firmer guiding hand.

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