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White House Down

Year : 2013 Director : Roland Emerich Running Time : 131 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
Generic action schmo John McClane – sorry, John Cale (Channing Tatum) – is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time: the White House, on a tour with his daughter, when terrorists take over. It’s Die Hard with a President.

What did we think?
Ben says: You’ve seen Die Hard, right? Siege. Guns. Explosions. Wisecracks. Singlet-clad hero plays cat-and-mouse with baddies, keeping in touch with the world outside through walkie-talkie chats with a fellow law-abiding rebel who’s been told by superiors to go home. Head terrorist has fearsome and unhinged machinegun-happy lieutenant. Bespectacled tech geek terrorist cracks security while a Beethoven symphony plays. There’s a bit where John hides on top of an elevator; there’s a part when gung-ho helicopter dudes are shooting at John on the roof, mistaking him for a terrorist. There’s barefoot stuff; there’s a scene where a shard of glass is being removed painfully while the characters take a moment to reflect. Anyway, all that went down in that other movie. I can’t remember a thing about this one.

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  1. Odd that we’ve had not only had two Die Hard clones this year but they’ve both been centred around terrorists in the White House. And in White House Down director Roland Emerich goes well beyond homage and deeply into rip-off territory. It’s fun while it lasts but easily forgotten. DVD fodder.

    The other one:

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