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Woman in Gold

Year : 2015 Director : Simon Curtis Running Time : 109 minutes Genre :
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What’s it about?
An Austrian woman born into privilege has her life overturned by a political revolt that targets the bourgeois but then rapidly spins into the systematic destruction of entire creeds. In an attempt to reconnect with those she has lost in the past she commits to reclaiming an important and valuable painting that was stolen from her family.

What did we think?
Dan says: This is a film that tries to stand on the emotional shoulders of the horrific acts of World War 2. If you have a strong connection to the tale this may well be enough to ignore the haphazard story-telling and scattershot tonal shifts.

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds spend over two hours telling of the emotional weight and not enough time showing it. If you’re going to tell a true story that’s important, find the important parts of it to tell.

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