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Zoolander 2

Year : 2016 Director : Ben Stiller Running Time : 1hr 42mins Genre :
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What’s it about?
After a devastating accident, soon after the conclusion of the last film, Derek Zoolander went into hiding from society. But when Billy Zane delivers an invitation for him to be in the biggest fashion show in the world, Zoolander decides to get his life back together, with a little help from his old friend, Hansel.

What did we think?
Francesca Percy says: The key to enjoying this film is to lower your expectations – it had little to no chance of matching the genius of the first film. It is, however, a nice homage. There are enough genuine laugh out loud moments to keep you engaged, some fun cameos and enough of a plot to tie it all together. But let’s all hope they don’t do Zoolander 3.

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